Love Your Body this Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you! 

We know from all the lovely messages that we get (which are all hugely appreciated by the way) how much you guys are loving the the Online Pilates Classes at the moment and that they are providing some much needed routine to what is a particularly tough time.

We want to thank you, as ever, for the LOVE you are showing us! Working on making theses these classes happen has provided us with the purpose and routine that we have needed to help us get through everything too!

Not everyone is going to spending Valentine’s Day with their loved ones today – so, if you’re spending it on your own, show yourself a little love – do a few stretches, go for a nice walk, and make yourself something nice to eat!

It may even be the day to crack open that Kylie Cava that Michael’s been banging on about in class (fyi we did just that on Friday and we weren’t disappointed)!

You could also let your body know how much you love it by booking in those extra Pilates Classes for the rest of Feb and beginning of March – apologies for the shameless plug but I’m contractually obliged!!!!

One more thing, if you’ve been homeschooling since the beginning of the year, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve made it to half term! 


You’re a star and doing an amazing job!

We’re sending you all our love today, and every day – and we can’t wait to see you in the Virtual Studio soon!

Michael, Tim (& Bo) xxx

ps. don’t forget to share the love by using our Refer-a-Friend page. Give a friend a FREE CLASS and if they book then you get your next class for HALF PRICE!



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