Goodbye January, Hello February!

And with the blink of an eye, January is done! How did that happen?!?!

It’s time to look back at some of those goals we made at the beginning of the month and see how we’ve done.

For us, we’ve managed to keep away from the Kylie Rosé and we’ve been exercising more – we have had the odd spontaneous takeaway but there has to be some rewards right?!? 

How have you done? We know that a LOT of you have been joining the classes as January has been the busiest month yet. 

The trick now is to not undo all January’s good work and fall into the February Lull and to remind ourselves of what we thought was important on January 1st – the goals and the intentions that helped us make such a positive start to 2021.

For us, we’re going for another dry month (with the possible exception of a nice bottle of wine on Valentin’s Day as a treat) and we’ve already booked in our fitness sessions with our trainer for February – meaning we can’t get out of them now! 

We know that if we commit early to something then we are much more likely to succeed in reaching our goals. 

With another month of Lockdown and, for many of you, homeschooling, it’s going to be tough – but try and give yourself the best possible chance to carry on reaching for your goals that you set yourself at the beginning of 2021. 

Together we can turn those good intentions into reality!

As classes are busy don’t forget to BOOK IN EARLY – and if the class you want is full then add your name to the WAITING LIST and we’ll be in touch if a space becomes available. 

Hope to see you in the Virtual Studio for Feb classes soon!



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