This week we’ve been taking a look at the Online Group Pilates timetable and, as well as opening up the second half of June for bookings, we have also taken on board some of the feedback we’ve been getting and made a couple of changes to the timetable taking effect from 14 June.

  • We’ve added a 7.30am class on Thursdays
  • We’ve changed the Sunday class to 10.30am

We’ve also taken out the poorly attended Wednesday 5.30pm class – sorry if that was one of your favourites but hopefully there are some other options for you!

We’re always happy to take on board your comments and we’re constantly weighing up all the options whilst also trying to create a plan to get Michael back in to a studio and to do some in-person classes at some point too!

Don’t forget to book your classes for the next few weeks – and please do tell your friends about us… we’re planning a bit of a social media ad campaign soon as numbers are naturally reducing while we come out of lockdown and people return to gyms. 

Thank you, as ever, for your continued support of us whilst we try and adapt, yet again, to the new ‘new normal’!



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