January Blues???

Even in a ‘normal’ world January can sometimes be a difficult month to trudge through – the Christmas Tree is a distant memory, New Year’s resolutions have been broken and cold dull days don’t help boost our motivation levels! Throw a pandemic, lockdown and homeschooling into the mix and it’s no surprise that some of us are finding things tougher than usual this year. 

It is said that the 3rd Monday of January is supposedly the gloomiest day of year and it’s even been awarded the title of Blue Monday, but here at Stretch & Flex we want to help you get through the week, and the rest of January, with a positive attitude and a healthy disposition. 

Here are our tips on surviving the January Blues:

Go Outside
Daylight and fresh air are great for humans! Our brains love sunlight and it helps regulate our sleep. So at lunch get up and get outside and get as much daylight and sunshine as you can! It’s good for you and FREE!

Try Something New
It’s easy to get bored of the same old things every day – so why not find something new to take you out of your comfort zone? This could be anything from an online dance class to learning how to knit a jumper! 

Self Reflect
If you’re feeling down in January, take a look at what could make you happier in your life.Are concerned about money? Your health? Your career? Think about ways to better yourself this coming year.

We were obviously going to say this one weren’t we, but exercising can really help to lift your spirits. Science has repeatedly proven that exercise releases endorphins (your body’s feel-good hormones) and lifts your mood after completion. The beauty about our Online Group Pilates classes is that you can literally do them anywhere – in your bedroom, your office or, as this week’s Star Pupil Nicole demonstrates, even outside in the snow in Crieff, Scotland!

We can all do small things that will hopefully help us get through January with a smile on our faces and a spring in our step – and if an hour of Pilates with Michael helps with that then we are happy to be of service!

If you have any pics of you doing Pilates anywhere interesting we’d love to see them. 

Hope to see you in the Virtual Studio soon!



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