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Michael’s on-line pilates classes are terrific!  He is wonderful teacher, both in person and on-line.  While his new, on-line classes are challenging, he stays completely involved with every member of the class (thanks to the magic of Zoom), giving both group and individual feedback throughout the class.  I highly recommend his classes for anyone wanting to stay in shape. 
Danny H

I’ve been going to Michael’s classes for years and he brings exactly the same energy and enthusiasm to his online classes as he does to his in-person ones. The platform is fully interactive so you can see and hear, ask questions and get feedback in real time. You’ll work hard but feel all the better for it. It’s the next best thing to actually being in the studio!
Jean F

I joined the first on-line class that Micheal held and can honestly say it was like being in one of his classes face to face- professional, interactive, as well as so much fun! He still managed to get us holding poses without realising how long we were (If you’ve had a face to face class you’ll know this is a famous trick he has) and he corrected our poses as if he was next to us. If you haven’t tried one do sign up quickly as I know they will be snapped up. 
Kim B

The class was great. Really enjoyed it. A good amount of people to still get direct feedback for each person.
Roger W

I loved the class. Just demanding enough for me. The sound and vision were good. I liked hearing the other participants. It felt quite communal. I’ll try and sign up for another but you’ll prob be full up. 
Anna F

I LOVE Michael’s classes. They are challenging, ok yes I hear some call it torture ?, but his humour makes it so much fun too! I always feel 10 feet tall when finishing a class, feel my posture has improved and have less back pain. So pleased I now have the opportunity to continue attending his classes during this strange time.  
Zaidee O

Michael it was fantastic having you in my garden this morning! Thanks for reconnecting us (and all those neglected muscles and joints)! It gave me a full hour free from anxiety, worries about the world…and the rest of the family! ? Most importantly you have put my posture and outlook right for the day! Looking forward to more classes. Xx
Sachaa P

The first online class was excellent, a professional job with  Michael’s natural bonhomie still shining through. 
Philip C

Thanks for the live streaming class today Michael, it was a well pitched (level wise) class and as usual your professionalism shone through and I felt great afterwards, made my week!
Amy D

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