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Join Michael for an hour long Pilates class from the comfort of your own living room! All you need is a mat, a computer/tablet and a smile. We use Zoom to conduct these classes – for instructions click here.

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26 reviews for Online Group Pilates Class

  1. Laura Taylor

    I had never done Pilates before so was a bit nervous to join the class knowing the other people there were likely to be regulars, but from the minute it started Michael made everyone feel at ease with his relaxed, friendly manner. The classes are so good, I can’t recommend them enough – pitched at a range of levels and hard work but he’s such a character that it’s also enjoyable too. He picks up on everyone’s progress/requirements individually, correcting (and praising!) when needed. Give him a try, you won’t regret it! Well, apart from the next morning perhaps!

  2. Jeannet

    Michael is like a ray of sunshine coming through in your living room…..he’s transferred our studio classes to zoom classes, which really feel no different as it is, if he’s there with you…ready with his smile, to correct your postures……so no ‘rest’ ……if you thought you might take one.
    Booking classes is easy too, due to online support, in the background from co-partner(s) Tim (&Bo), with all the latest Pilates news.
    Michael is a true Stretch & Flex professional, with a ‘personal’ touch and love his online classes, long may we all continue to benefit. Thanks!

  3. Elisabeth

    I really missed Michael’s classes when the gyms closed, but he made the transition to online teaching amazingly well. Aside from his booking system being easy to use, you get the same great quality teacher online as in-person. And if you did not know Michael from offline classes, he is welcoming to new-comers (and gives options for all levels). This is not like a youtube tutorial because you have Michael’s personal attention the whole time and class is never the same each week. I recommend it highly!

  4. Jo Powell

    Ok, there is no hiding at the back of the class hoping the teacher doesn’t notice when you get it wrong! Michael notices every detail and is spot on with encouragement.
    He demonstrates beautifully and makes sure everyone is fully on board.
    I’m exhausted but not disheartened, when I’ve recovered my breath I’m booking some more lessons.

  5. Amy Davies

    I have known Michael for four years from Bank Virgin classes and was thrilled when he set up the virtual lessons back in the Spring. Michael is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had he is such a professional his classes are varied, tough but with options for beginners-advanced, injuries and tips on improvement. Sitting down for much of the day as I do, won’t be possible without these classes, I feel better, stronger. He has a delightful personality and his humour lifts the spirits whilst he cunningly pushes you harder. The tech is easy to use and added bonus of Bo the dog walking around the studio! My classes are a absolute highlight of an otherwise same:same situation we are all in.

  6. Sara Parker

    I have been doing classes with Michael online for about 3 months now on the recommendation of my daughter and have been so pleased that I took the leap! Michael takes on board everyone’s individual physical issues and is absolutely on top of it – you are advised how best to cope with each exercise and he notices immediately if you need more guidance as well as when you think you might just have a quick break! He is always welcoming, funny and makes every class so enjoyable. I really feel the benefits and am rediscovering muscles and strength that had long gone! And all this from the comfort of your own home – I would highly recommend these classes.

  7. Julia Kollewe

    Michael is a fantastic Pilates instructor and makes exercising fun. He tailors exercises to individuals’ needs and will tell you if you are not doing it quite right and correct your posture – nothing escapes his eagle eye, even on Zoom! I’ve been doing his classes in person in north London for years and switched to online classes at the beginning of the first lockdown in the spring. Doing it online has its advantages – I can now fit in two classes every week whereas before I only did one. You can expect a good dose of banter, a leaner body and abs of steel!

  8. Ginny Sutcliffe

    I became a devoted student of Michael’s at Virgin Active in Clapham. I suffered from bad back problems and his classes so improved my core and posture that they all but disappeared. Sadly my office relocated and I could no longer attend his brilliant classes and I never found anyone else who was as thorough in his teaching and explanation and whose classes were as entertaining. So while lockdown was no fun on many levels, one happy thing is that it brought us back together on-line. And I am once again loving his classes for the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing benefits, as well as the camaraderie of the class. He is a fantastic teacher, always taking care to watch and correct (no mean feat on Zoom!) and pushing the class every week. He’s also great fun and we always have a laugh. The best Pilates class you’ll find anywhere – on or off line!

  9. Mariana Pacheco

    I attended Michael’s Pilates classes in London for many years and deeply missed it when gym closed down/ Michael relocated.
    Having tried many other Pilates classes before and after, I can say in total confidence that he is one of the best instructors out there. His classes are a mix of body strengthening, posture correcting, stretching, with touches of torture 🙂 and plenty of jokes & light hearted laughter. I’m delighted to reconnect thanks to Covid, definitely if positive highlight if my 2020 year 😉
    If you love Pilates, this is a must, and if you haven’t tried it before, be sure to start with the best!

  10. Alison Crosland

    I used to attend Michael’s classes in London a few years back and was delighted to discover him online. He has managed to maintain everything that made his in-person classes so great. He has you laughing even while he is pushing you to your limits, and even on zoom he’s still able to spot when you’re not pushing yourself. I value his classes not only for keeping me fit and sane during lockdown but for cheering me up each week. An unmissable part of my routine.

  11. Jean

    Hands down one of the best things about 2020! (And that’s a short list!) Michael’s classes are not just good for your body, but good for your mind too as it’s an hour away from the crazy world we live in to just focus on yourself. I’ve been going to his studio classes for years and Michael brings the same care, experience, individual attention and corrections as well as his unique je ne sais quoi to the virtual studio! Classes are always varied, challenging and fun. The magic of Zoom and the internet means it’s possible to join in from anywhere! My day is always better when it includes one of Michael’s classes!

  12. susanlmaxwellnugent

    It’s not overally dramatic to say that without Michael’s classes I would be in daily pain with severely restricted movement. Before I started doing Pilates with him in person in London, I was on a 6 week cycle of totally seized up back /osteopath/one week of feeling fine then a downward spiral back to the osteopath. I was worried that the classes on line wouldnt have the same results, but it’s honestly exactly the same – in fact even better as they are at more convenient times, so you can fit them in before and after work.

    But its not just physical wellbeing, it’s mental too. From the stillnes of mind you get during a class, to the sense of community fostered by Michael whose warmth and care give you a real sense of belonging from the very first time you take part.

    Take the leap and book a class – I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  13. nicola9902


    I’ve been doing Michael’s class on and off for 15 years in London he’s the best Pilates teacher but his class used to be hard to get to after work. Now I can fall out of bed into class and early morning is a much better time for me.
    Great friendly class. An upbeat way to start the day.
    Michael’s banter makes the exercise easier to get through as I can’t help but smile even when desperate to stop stretching.
    Class has a real life feel to it as its small enough to get individual variations to exercises
    I like the way the classes are different each week and helps me stand taller throughout the week.
    Thank you so much I look forward to the class each week.

  14. Yvonne Roberts

    Michael makes Pilates fun as well as effective. Unlike many online classes he doesn’t mute so he corrects all through the class which is so helpful & beneficial. And he sprinkles Kylie dust every now and then!

  15. Pattison!

    Not to be dramatic, but Michael’s classes (along with Kylie Minogue Wines and her Disco album), have SAVED 2020!!! His classes have also saved my back, which has many disc issues and a surgery years ago. In fact after a recent prolapsed disc I was due for spinal injections but cancelled them after realising that 6 months of Michael’s classes over Zoom removed the need! I wasn’t sure how the online classes would translate, as Michael is so great in person, but the classes are amazing and he is still really attentive and still manages to keep a close eye on each of us (no cheating!) and tailors certain exercises to everyone’s needs depending on all our various ailments! Can’t recommend these classes enough and so happy I never have to miss one as I just take the Zoom link wherever I go!

  16. Alison Sprague

    Michael’s Pilates classes are a joy to behold. He always works us hard but accommodates each individual’s needs by adapting every exercise accordingly. He is super-safety conscious. One always feels relaxed, supple and worked-out after every class. No class is the same – he varies the exercises each time and the classes flow. He is the best Pilates teacher I have come across. In addition to the exercises, each class is punctuated with extraordinary wit and humour. His running commentary, accents, and off-the-cuff remarks make each class hilarious, even if you are gritting teeth during some of the exercises. I highly recommend Michael.
    PS. The only annoying thing about the classes is that even when you are wearing a MASSIVELY HANGING DOWN t-shirt, he still tells you to pull your stomach in. HOW ON EARTH DOES HE KNOW???

  17. Zaidee O’Dell

    I love Michael’s classes, I had attended his classes in person in London and they have been my saviour during lockdown. With the opportunity to do two classes a week I think my lower back is stronger than it has ever been. Michael is knowledgeable, friendly and funny, I love the weekly change of exercises, the community feel of the class and being challenged. I feel I have got more attention online than in a class of 20+ and have achieved a few firsts, being able to do things I was not able to do before! I hope they stay.

  18. Kate Meyer

    I was a huge fan of Michael’s classes when I lived in London, attending for a number of years. When I moved up north, I spent ages trying (and failing) to find a pilates instructor as good as him, so the discovery that I could train with him online… hands-down the best thing to come out of lockdown. Great workout, great price, excellent levels of interaction in spite of the distance, and all delivered in inimitable Michael style. Certainly not just something for lockdown, this is now the first thing in my workout diary every week and will be even when my gym is open again. Love it! Thank you Michael (and Tim).

  19. Lennie Pirie

    I am absolutely delighted to be part of this amazing Pilates class, I joined in August this year on recommendation of a good friend and I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!
    Michael is fantastic and very considerate, always making sure we are doing everything safely and correctly, he is very attentive to everyone individually I’m sure he has eyes in the back of his head as he manages to see everything! He is a brilliant teacher/Instructer and very friendly and funny the classes are an absolute joy and I find myself looking forward to every single class and wanting to do more.

  20. simran.khanijau-4690

    Thank you Michael for moving your classes online – this has been lovely. I love how the classes have variations, are never too big and how you always manage to pinpoint the moment I fall out of position! This has been a lockdown sanity maintainer, strength builder and lots of fun. Please keep going!

  21. Judith

    Michael’s classes are awesome. I was new to Pilates 6 mnths ago and Michael’s demonstrations and instructions are so clear that I felt confident from the start and the feedback really appropriate when correction is needed. The classes are fun and Michael never fails to raise a smile or several, each class. I know I’ve made progress with my strength, flexibility and posture and look forward to doing more.

  22. Fiona Strong

    Couldn’t recommend highly enough. I used to do Michael’s class in London. When he moved online I was delighted. Michael watches carefully and makes sure you are doing the class correctly. There are many advantages, one being the class can be done anywhere in the world so no need for a break! He still manages to entertain us all the way through the class with his witty comments! I definitely feel stronger and like to think I look better! Thank you Michael for looking after us!

  23. Emma

    Michael is great at teaching in person but has translated those amazing skills to online classes and created one of the few positives to 2020. To take these classes online is no easy thing (as we have all discovered from having to run our lives and businesses on Zoom overnight!) and he is brilliant at it. He is clear, direct and manages to make the classes varied and fun. His notes are spot on despite being an online class – annoyingly so! You feel like part of something despite taking part from your living room and I can’t recommend the classes and Michael strongly enough. He is so very talented.

  24. Terri Walter

    Have really enjoyed Michael’s classes online in lockdown. Clear pinpoint instruction with individual reminds – no slacking or hiding! Look forward to hearing his Aussie voice and know I will get an excellent workout even with a shoulder injury. Thank you Michael.

  25. Andrea

    I have been doing Michael’s classes for nearly two months now. I have certainly noticed it’s helping my posture. I have very tight calves/ hamstrings and am trying to develop some lengthening in them, which is gradually getting there!
    I absolutely love the core stability that is coming back after years of not dancing, finally my body is starting to feel like mine again! Thank you so much Michael! Xxx

  26. Alan Turkington

    I have attended Michael’s classes off and on for 7 years now and (although often appropriately torturous (!)) they are nothing short of outstanding. Since he relocated to Eastbourne, I missed them terribly, so I was thrilled when he moved online – one of the rare benefits of this year. The classes are never too big, at a great pricepoint and contain a lot of individual attention.

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