Fancy some Cabaret?

Wow, what a week! We’ve all been locked in doors and working from home but it’s still been fun bringing Pilates classes into your lounges/bedrooms/gardens this week!
To round off the week then I can suggest nothing better than watching our AMAZING friend Rebecca Lisewski performing her “Cabaret in a Caravan” tonight live on Instagram (@rebeccalisewski) at 6pm. Tonight it’s “A Star is Born Special” and next week it’s Songs from the Silver Screen.
There are so many amazing people doing amazing things at the moment and we just want to share the goodness with everyone. If you know of anything we should be shouting about then let us know and we’ll do some screaming!!!
Let us know what you think of Bex! x

@rebeccalisewski on instragam

Tonight’s class is sold out!

This is amazing! I really didn’t think that this would be so popular – but my first class tonight has now sold out! I’m trying to keep the class size down to 10 people for now so I can interact with you all as much as possible!

There is still room for all the other classes and if you have suggestions for additional times then I’m more than happy to take a look at setting up additional ones. Early mornings before ‘school’ or later in the evening once the kids have gone to bed?

Thanks so much for all your support! You guys really are the best! xxx